Questions Worth Asking

There are a great many things we all must take for granted in life. For that, there ought to be no shame. Numerous very wise contemplatives throughout history have driven themselves mad questioning the nature of existence, experience and knowledge. We must accept, at least, that that which we experience through our own senses is true and real. The alternative would be paralyzing. If we don’t trust our experience, how could we know that rising from our beds won’t cause us to fall off the earth?

We find cause then to be selective in our questions. Truly, we only question the things which are most important to us. You can judge a person’s character by the questions they ask, then.

  • What is the nature of good?
  • How does a righteous person behave?
  • In what ways do our actions affect the world, and what criteria do we use to measure the quality of those effects?

Meanwhile, sometimes our senses can deceive us. Other actors in this collective experience we call life exist, and they impose their will on this reality just as we do. The world as we know it is simply the aggregate of the effects that each actor has left in their wake, thrust forward into being by their individual desires.

Eye of the Storm

The Last War raged across Khorvaire for a century, and the political landscape of the entire continent has been irrevocably altered. Peace has been achieved and the war ended, but few trust it. For most, it’s not a question of whether or not the peace will last, but how long it will take for it to fail.

The Last War wreaked havoc on civilization as it’s been known on Khorvaire for millenia. If this peace fails, the continent, and perhaps the world, will be plunged into chaos that hasn’t been known since the scions of Xoriat swept the land.

Whispers in the Dark

The Draconic Prophecy is not well understood by many outside of Argonessen, and the dragons don’t seem to be talking much. For that reason, those that claim to have gleaned some insight from the stars are often dismissed as madmen and lunatics. There are those that listen though, and they listen carefully. Depending on one’s interpretations, there seem to be warnings of either a great evil, or a great chaos drawing nearer. Either way, some say that it will rule Eberron for the rest of eternity. Yet others say that it will be overcome by a great force for good.

Prophecies are not well known for their specificity.

Distorted Horizons